Space Bar – Small Thai bar, nice people.

This place has been really cool for me during the last months. It’s own by “Nu”, a Thai man and managed by “Mix” who is also a young Thai man. I haven’t seen many foreigners there, only few friends of mine knowing this place. It is located in front of “Some Might Say” on Suranaree street (Same street as KoratChef, but opposite side and closer to Tiger is coming).

Nu is in white and Mix is in black. They both speak English.

These 2 guys can speak English and prices are quite cheap. However, there is no food but only snacks like Pringles or peanuts. This bar opens late, rarely before 6pm and sometimes only around 10 pm. What is nice is the often closed the doors late and it’s like a small family, only friends, with the same clients going there or to Run Juan, or Smaz Bistro.

They recently added beer without alcohol, even with “hemp”. They mostly serve Leo, Singha, Soju and Brandy. They also added more places with a side bar. They are working on the sound system at the moment.

Non Alcoholic drinks

I highly recommend to encourage these two guys and tell them they should have food, be open earlier as I do think they can gather much more clients. Music is played on youtube and you can ask them whatever you want. This place was called “Mob Bar” before Covid.

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