Chateau de Loei

Tel: 042-891 970 or 042 891 454.

Located at about 20km from Dan Sai, or about 65km from Loei, Chateau de Loei is the biggest vineyard in Thailand with over a thousand Rai of fresh wine-making grapes.

On the border of the main road, you will find a shop selling different kinds of souvenirs and local Loei products. The shop is normally opened from 8am to 16:30.Accomodation is available at Phu Rua National Park.

Visitors can also enjoy a ride in the vineyard and visit the cellar. If you are interesting for a winery tour, better to reserve by calling them.

Just follow the instructions and you will find the cellar and the winery easily.

This is inside the winery.

Obviously, you can buy their wine at the cellar. A “regular” white wine is about 420 baht per bottle.

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