Lam Po Dam Tubing in Kalasin.

There is a small and interesting place in Kalasin to have fun, especially with children. It is called Lam Po Dam and you will find this place about 10-15 km from the Sinrindhorn Museum.

You can rent some “tubes” and go on the river at Lam Po Dam. Many restaurants are around the river and it a simple and relaxing place.

The location of that place is “16.600484, 103.455826” if you put these numbers on
It is actually near Lam Po Dam in Kalasin. You can see some of the tubes on this video of 2012.

It is a little bit like Wang Nenn in Korat province. A perfect destination to have Som Tam (papaya salad) and Gai Yang (BBQ chicken). Swim, get a tube on the river and you are in paradise!

Only 2 pictures and not very good:

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