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Night Bazaar in Chiangrai

Towards the end of the 2000s, the slowing Chaing Rai Night Bazaar was revitalized by the construction of new stages and the movement of bus lines out to the new bus terminal outside the city allowing for expansion into the area of the old bus station. Increased Thai tourism to Chiang Mai from 2008 infused cash into the handicraft industry, driving the development of handmade products reflecting the North’s Lanna Kingdom past and hilltribe culture over cheap and tacky tourist kitch. The Chiang Rai night Bazaar saw increased diversification of products as well as increased sales as a result. With the success of Walking Street in Chaing Mai, the Night Bazaar moved towards a laid-back and classical Thai atmosphere which has made the shopping experience there much more enjoyable.

The Night Bazaar is located in and around the old bus station in the heart of the city. Products for sale include clothes, bags, Chiang Rai and Thailand souvenirs, home decorations, Thai silk products, hardwood items, candles, DVDs, snacks, hilltribe embroidered and woven products, jewelry and more. Prices are excellent and bargaining can further enhance your experience, though don’t expect prices to go down by more than 10-20% unless you’re buying in large number.


High density is probably the best feature of this shopping area. There’s a lot to see, eat, and buy all crammed into the area of handful of small lanes making it easy to look around and shop without getting too tired. Even if you do, there are 2 large eating areas, both with music and dance shows nightly to enhance your resting experience.

There’s an equal number of market stalls and permanent shops present, the former offering better prices while the latter providing more variety and higher quality items. Of note are shops selling funky hand-painted clothing and shoes, light and loose ‘traditional Thai clothing’, hilltribe fashions, and handmade wooden, stone, and silver jewelry. Set-up begins as early as 4pm and the market will stay open past 10pm most days, though from May-October rain will send sellers scurrying. And since the Bazaar is open every night, it’s easy to pop back in anytime you please if you were rained out or to satisfy your should-have-been-a-buyer’s remorse!





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