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Soi Cowboy – popular late night entertainment center in Bangkok



If the red light district of Patpong or Nana Plaza have appealed to you because of their energetic and glittering ambience, then you can visit Soi Cowboy for a different experience  altogether. This is another popular red light district in Bangkok, but here you will get more carnival- like atmosphere, which is more relaxing and laid back. The invitingly dressed girls under the flashing neon lights, the Japanese suits, the middle aged expats and a lot of tourists comprise the colorful nights of Soi Cowboy. If you take a walk down the streetscape, you will hear several “welcomes” from people who will try to lure you to get into the bars.

The first bar in this area was opened in the early 1970s by a cowboy African- American who used to wear a hat. The area is named after him and since then it enjoys a great popularity among the visitors. Soi Cowboy runs parallel to Sukhumvit Road and is located between Sukhumvit Soi 23 and Sukhumvit Soi 21 (Asoke Road) Map. It is one of Bangkok’s favourite late night entertainment centres in the heart of Bangkok.



You can visit there by taking up a tuk tuk or a taxi. It is located within the short distance of almost all the major hotels. You can also visit the entertainment center by using the Bangkok Subway System and get off at the Sukhumvit Station or the Bangkok Sky Train and get off at Asoke Station. You can reach these Soi Cowboy by just walking for around three minutes from these stations.

Each of the bars is noisy and dark. The leather seats are quite grubby and arranged in different tiers, surrounding a central stage, which is well lit. On the stage, the girls show off their antics by wearing nest to nothing. After the completion of a performance, these girls get back to their respective steel polls. Some of them get busy to chat over phones, some of them does a little bit of make-up, while some girls try to flirt with the visitors hoping to get a good deal for a nightstand or at least a free drink.


One of the best establishments in Soi Cowboy includes ‘The Dollhouse’, where you can find sartorially challenged girls performing enthusiastically. Visitors, especially the Japanese love the ‘Bakara’ in the Tokyo backstreet where you can see lot of school girls in hot skirts and transparent glass ceiling. If you are looking for something raw in this red light area, then ‘Rawhide’ can be the perfect destination for you to visit. Here, you can enjoy some good performances by the dance troupes, but some performances are terrible.
There are around forty bars in this area and you will find several tempting attractions to get attracted to these entertainment centers. New bars keep coming in this area and many old bars get closed. So, the total number of bars in Soi Cowboy keeps changing.

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