The Ghost Tower in Bangkok

I was walking in the streets of Bangkok and spotted the famous Ghost tower just beside me. The Ghost Tower is an impressive “uncompleted” building in Sathorn. The construction was affected by the Asian crisis of 1997 and until today, it remains there, like ruins, in the middle of Bangkok. It is a HUGE building of 47 storeys that should have boosted 600 luxurious condominium units. The first floors are mostly completed but not the top.


IMG_4845 (1)

Bangkok people believe the building is inhabited by “ghosts” and there are creepy stories about some murders that happened there. For example, in December 2014, a Swedish man was found hanging on the 44rd floor (apparently a suicide).

The place is actually forbidden to enter, but many people have been inside like this following video posted on April 2015 on YouTube. There is certainly a really nice view from there but we would not encourage anyone to act illegally.


It is located opposite Wat Yan Nawa. You can go there in BTS, just go out at Saphan Taksin Station. If you want to buy this property, it is on sale for 60 million dollars.


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