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Patpong district in Bangkok

If Las Vegas is the Sin City, then Bangkok is no less than a Sin Capital. Here you will find several red light districts where the flesh and pleasure is abundant. Among the many red light districts, Patpong district is a bit different. Here, flesh trade pleasure is not the only exclusivity to men, you will find numerous tourists and foreigners are roaming around the jam-packed Patpong Night Market, buying several goods or visiting the nearby bars where the sensuous women are making sensual moves on the dance floors to lure the bunch of male customers. The atmosphere is wild, electric and intoxicating.

Located amid the famous Surawongse and Silom roads, Patpong is based within the close vicinity of the busy business district. There are many foreign visitors that visit the Night Market of Patpong to buy the newest international luxury items, but their main intention remains in finding the best bargain to get a hot girl. Though running of sex trade is not legal and the government of Bangkok has taken several measures to wipe of the flesh trade, but the fact remains that sex industry is very much active in this Patpong district.

Soi Patpong features several Go Go bars, which are immensely popular among the western tourists. However, the popularity of these bars is constantly increasing among the eastern visitors as well, like the Japanese tourists. Soi Patpong is the major attraction of this red light area. This is the place where you can find Night Market of Patpong that operates from 5pm to 2am. In the middle of the street you can find fakes of different varieties highly trendy attires that resemble Tiffany, Rolex and Coach. Several excellent local souvenirs can also be found in this market but the cost is very high. You need to bargain hard to get the right price.

Usually, all the watering holes and go go bars from at seven in the evening and get closed by 1 o’clock to avoid the police interference. Beer prices are moderate, rather low, if you compare to the prices that you pay in your home nation. However, you will not find a great variety of beer after entering these bars. Though, drinking beer is not the only intention of the visitors to get inside the go go bars. There are several ladies waiting out there to take the customers to the nearby hotels. These clubs and bars generally provide services to satisfy the male clients, however, there are some bars that take care of those people who prefer to partner with the third gender, known as “Katoey” in Thai or the lady-boys. Most of these lady-boys exactly resemble real lady so it is better to make adequate queries before hiring anyone for a nightstand.

The gay clients can also find some excellent choices in the Patpong district. The Silom 2 and 4 are the major centers where the gays enjoy nightout. There are several go goestablishments and gay bars in these streets that are placed within a small distance from Soi Patpong.

If you boast a colorful natural and want to enjoy some fling, you can visit the Patpong district.

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