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Sahaysura bar, Nakhon Ratchasima.

Sahaysura is a new bar (or pub) in Nakhon Ratchasima. Located on Leabklongchonpratan Road which is the same road as The Ram and the Sabai Hotel. The name “Sahaysura” means something like “Whiskey Friends” or “Drinking Buddies”. The position on Google Map is about 14° 59′ 44.66″, +102° 5′ 9.55″.

In front of the place, there is a large parking. Use your common sense and do not drink and drive. If you do, be aware that the police often check this road as there are many restaurants and bars, and you can’t take a small street to avoid them.

This is the sgin for the restaurant just by the road. It is on the same side as Sabai Hotel and The Ram, about 500 meters away.

There are excellent bands playing Carabao, Sek Loso and Thai folk music. The place closes at 2 am. What is really nice, is that the venue is completely open air except for the roof. Giving the place a wonderful environment, so nice and cool.

The food is really good. Above is “Pla Ka Pong Tod Nam Pla”, a fried fish with fish sauce and served with a spicy mango salad. (250 baht). The food is not cheap, but it is quite tasty. I actually had one of the best “Moo Daad Deow” (Sun dried pork) at this place. I was told that the chicken wings are also very good.

Some of the snacks and food available. If you can’t read Thai, the first one is chicken wings and second one, the fish on picture above.

There is no admission fee but this place is really popular now so arrive early. By 8pm, it can already be full, since Thais’ enjoy eating while listening to live music. And make no mistake this place has a VERY Thai appeal. There is also a big screen normally playing sports.

This is a little video taken Friday night. It gives you an idea of this place.

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