Sebastien H. Brousseau, LL.B., B.Sc.

Sebastien H. Brousseau, a Canadian citizen residing in Thailand, boasts a wealth of experience in managing law firms in Thailand and non-profit organizations in Canada. With a background in both the Civil and Common Law systems, he has accumulated approximately 30 years of experience in the legal field. Sebastien has a proven track record and has garnered recommendations from numerous satisfied clients and embassies in Thailand.

Sebastien H. Brousseau, taken in Nepal, 2023.

His background includes training under some of the world’s top lawyers, such as Pierre Poupart in Canada, notably for the case of the first woman accused of Genocide at the International Criminal Tribunal of Rwanda. He has also worked for various law firms, including Girouard Peris Goldenberg Pappas and Siam-Legal.

In 2006, Sebastien started to work with Thai lawyers. He founded Isaan Lawyer and managed it until December 2021. These experiences have equipped him with the necessary skill set, ethical compass, and roadmap to leverage his knowledge for the greater good. Holding permanent residency in Thailand, he does not require a visa to stay in the country. He has a strong knowledge of family law and real estate law. He is currently managing ThaiLawOnline in Bangkok


Around 2017, his interest in cryptocurrencies piqued, leading him to purchase bitcoin for the first time. While continuing his legal practice, he shifted his focus entirely to cryptocurrencies in 2021. Sebastien’s early exposure to technology, having owned a personal computer in 1981 and been on the internet in 1992, has always drawn him to technological advancements. Strong knowledge of cryptocurrencies and web3, many layers 1, decentralized finance, taxes and others. Manager of Kryptologyk Co. Ltd., a company trying to advanced in web3 technology.

Currently, he serves as the manager of ThaiLawOnline (, with the goal of being the first law firm in Thailand to leverage AI for enhanced efficiency. Additionally, he manages Kryprologyk (, a startup engaged in AI-driven crypto trading.

Sebastien also shares travel videos on YouTube under the handle @cryptotrips and also legal AI video at @Thai-Law-Online

Technical Skills:

  •  Profound knowledge of Thai and International Law acquired through extensive work with clients worldwide across various legal domains.
  • Proficiency in various computer technologies (Joomla, WordPress, SQL, databases, AI, CRM, etc.).
  • Personal Skills:
    – Effective listening and communication skills.
    – Strong leadership qualities and the ability to work independently. Proficient in management.
    – Open-mindedness towards diverse cultures.
    – Experience in charity organizations and adeptness in staff management, accounting, and scheduling.


Personal Skills

Good listening and communication skills.

Strong leadership capability and ability to work autonomously. Managing skills.

Open mindedness towards other cultures.

Experience with charity organization and how to manage staff, accounting, schedules, etc.

Fully bilingual in French and English; basic knowledge of Spanish  and Mandarin Chinese, and growing fluency in Thai (including literacy) after living in Thailand since 2004. Web authorship of hundreds of articles like on  I took the year 2022/23 to travel few months in Nepal, one month in Vietnam, one month in Cambodia, one month in Bali, etc. 


Admitted to the Bar of Quebec

Admitted at the International Bar Association (IBA)

Former member of Quebec Lawyer’s Abroad (AHQ)

Also involved in different projects and associations in Canada and Thailand.


University of Montreal, Canada.

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, (B.Sc.)1992-1999.

Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) 1993-1999.

Diploma in Political Science 1993.

Diploma in Criminology 1999.

Bar School of Quebec,  Montreal, Canada. 1996-1997. (Similar to a Master degree)

Independent study into Thai, International, Civil and Criminal law.

Through my twenty years immersion in China and Thailand, I am proficient in Asian culture, humanitarian issues, International, Civil and Common Law.


Kryptologyk Co. Ltd, 2021 to now. Developing software with artificial intelligence in order to solve complex problems with simple algorithms.

Isaan Lawyers: (Thailand) 2007 to 31st December 2021. founder of this law firm that provides professional legal services to foreigners and Thai nationals. Living or working abroad can be challenging. Isaan Lawyers is there to make things easier for foreigners. We also developed Thai clients with the years based on client’s satisfaction and word-of-mouth. I completely managed the staff, files, clients in coordination of Thai registered attorneys. Our legal services are accessible and convenient for multinational clients. They appreciate our ethical conduct and full-service team of Thai and foreign registered lawyers, accountants, translators, and paralegals. I sold the law firm to move out of Nakhon Ratchasima in 2022.

Siam Legal (Thailand) 2007. Siam Legal is one of the largest legal networks in Thailand with several offices all around the country. I managed the Pattaya’s branch office.

Poupart Marquis, Avocats. (Canada) 2000-2002. I was working for this high profile law firm from August 2000 to August 2002. My duties included meeting clients, planning and organizing Court’s files and preparing all kinds of documents. We had both French and English cases. The clients of this law firm include the first woman accused of genocide in the world.

I started working in Law around 1993-1994 as student intern for Girouard, Peris, Goldenberg, Pappas et Brabant. 

Phoenix Hotel, Guangzhou (China) 2003-2004. I was assistant manager for this 5-star hotel in the suburban of Guangzhou. I was working with foreign clients having any problems in the hotel, or for transport, or with some Mandarin.


Representative elected for Asia, Australia, Africa and South America at the Quebec Lawyers Abroad Association in 2012.

Contributed to Lawyers Without Frontiers.

Helped foreigners to contest the application of TM30 around 2019 and mentioned by BBC.

President and Director of the « Prisoner’s Rights Comittee » in Canada 2000 – 2002, a volunteer non-profit service within the criminal justice system.

President of « Tel-Resources » and frequent volunteer from 1993 – 2000.

Several donations to orphanages in Thailand for Isaan Lawyers Co. Ltd that was given 1% of it’s net income to charity,

Involvement in different school projects when I was teaching, from websites to English camps.


Co-writer and project manager, «Le droit des personnes incarcérées: Les règles, la réalité et les ressouces. Éditions Meridiens, Collection Cursus Universitaire. 2002. I gave my copyrights to a charity organisation in Canada.

« Criminal Record and Employment », an article in French co-authored with Jean Claude Bernheim, a well-known criminologist and university teacher. That was published in 2013.

Further  references are available on request. You can consult the following websites for more information: (project trading online with AI) (more than 1,000 endorsements and reviews)

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