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U-Bar in Korat (Nakhon Ratchasima)

Location of U-Bar on Google Map (the green arrow).


This is a picture of the front, taken around 2008.

Probably the one of the most popular bar in Korat. U-Bar is a chain of bars, there is one in Ubon Ratchatani (very nice place) and there is another one in Khon Kaen beside the Sofitel (Pullman) hotel. In Korat, U-Bar opened in 2008 and is located beside Pegasus hotel.

The place is really nice, sound is good. People arrive late, around 11pm. Live band as well as DJ and special shows will make a great night in Korat.

Here is one of the bands playing, from the second floor. Picture taken in 2012.


This video is from U-Bar, from April 2012.


They have special shows almost every month, sometimes more than once per month.

The place is now closing around 3am in 2012. Most of the clients are “Hi-So” Thais from 20 to 40 yo. There is an application on Iphone if you want to know the shows and special events:  http://itunes.apple.com/vn/app/u-bar/id485534672?mt=8


You can also watch football on large screen while listening to live music or the DJs.

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