Snooker and pool – Korat – Nakhon Ratchasima – Thailand

Updated in 2022.

Pool (American style)

There were only 3 tables of pool in 2004 in Nakhon Ratchasima. But you can easily find them today, mostly in bars frequented by foreigners. The rules are not the same, depending where you play. Often, they are written on a board. At one point, there were much more tables but it seems COVID killed few businesses.

There are pool tables at:

    • Monkey Bar, the most popular bar with foreigners in Korat
    • River Sports Bar, in Joho.
    • Am I missing another place?

Monkey Bar


Thais love to play snooker so it’s possible in Korat to play 24 hours per day, in many different places. These include:

  • Riley’s (open 24 hours, on Pho Klang Street)
  • World Class Sports Club. This is probably the best place in town. There are 14 tables on the main floor and 4 VIP rooms upstairs with TV. Price is 100 baht per hour or 160 for VIP rooms. Beers or soft drinks are available. It’s located EXACTLY on top of Monkey Bar
  • There are places everywhere, including beside HappyLand and near Boss Hotel (each about 10 tables)
  • Baan Keur will have about 10 snooker tables and many ladies to help you… I do like this place belonging to the police, as the rumor says, and quite late….

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