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Coyote Country


(According to our information, that place closed in November 2009)


Coyote country is a new Coyote Bar. It’s located in Pailin square, beside Da Wen Deang. Pailing square is a complex just in front of Sima Thani Hotel. To get the exact location, click on the GOOGLE EARTH PLACEMARK of De Wang Deang (section bars with Thai folk music).



It’s similar to all the new coyote bars that have been quite popular in Korat recently (2 peace, swing, slender, etc.). It’s currently owned by Axel and his wife. Axel is a nice Swedish man that has been living in Korat for many years.



This place looks like “higher class” than the other coyote bars in Nakhon Ratchasima. The girls are quite attractive and you might see them in a HUGE FOAMING SHOWER that is the main stage. But this is usually after midnight. The place is very big inside and there are sections for VIPs. Girls are normally starting to dance at about 10pm. We recommend to arrive much later. A small beer singh is 80 baht.





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