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Ra bian gao, Thai food.

284/3 T. Yomarat, Phone: 044-267765

Ra Bian Gaow is a great restaurant in Korat. They serve excellent food in a nice ambiance. If you want to taste the best of Thai food, try this place. Surely one of the top 10 best restaurant in Korat city.

This place is quite large and has 2 dinning rooms. There’s a large parking behind. It’s located on Yomarat road, not far from Bule Saloon. But be careful, there is RA BIAN PA and RA BIAN GAOW. And both are close to each others.

Their menu is only in Thai but some menus have pictures. The dishes are from Yam, Tom Yam, Fish, and all the normal Thai traditional delicacies.

Yam Hua Pree, delicious but don’t try it if you can’t eat spicy!

We suggest you to try YAM HUA PREE (Spicy thai salad with banana flowers) but ask NOT SPICY (Mai Pet!). Another great dish is KA MU (Pig’s leg).

The place is nicely decorated and they have terraces, with fountains and many cats walking around. On both sides (road going to the parking separates the 2 sides), it’s the same kitchen and same dishes.

This is a deep fried fish with Thai herbs. There is a dise dish of spicy salad that

you can’t see, about 220 baht but large meal.

(Thai: Pla Kapong Tod Samun Prai.)


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