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Sarungkham restaurant, Korat.


Sarungkham is a family run restaurant that specializes in Northern Thai dishes including khao soi (a curry soup with crisp egg noodles) and hanglay (a thick, rich curry with big chunks of pork). They also serve very nice Western style pork, chicken and fish steaks. Sarungkham is located about 10 kilometers west of central Korat on Mukkamontree Road in moo baan Krung Tai 2.



Sarungkham is open for lunch and dinner daily, except for Saturday when it is open for dinner only. Prices are very reasonable. Khao Soi is only 40 baht per bowl. A large bowl of Hanglay is 80 baht and is enough for two.


Sarungkham Restaurant
Khao Soi at Sarungkham Restaurant
Khao Soi at Sarungkham Restaurant