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Lamyai breakfast stall


6, Chomsurangyat Rd., Korat




If you are wandering around the Ya Mo area early morning, looking for breakfast, don’t miss out this Thai food stall normally located beside the main entrance to Klang Plaza 2, opposite Swensen’s ice cream, outside Meekwang Photo Center (still closed at that time). The owner, Ms. Lamyai, and her husband are running this small family business with great success. The food is very much appreciated by locals who often line up in front of the stall, sometimes even before opening time.



Normally there are two types of rice (white and fried) and about ten different side servings, including fried eggs. For only 20 baht, Ms. Lamyai will fill your dish up with the kind of rice you choose and two or three delicious servings, more or less spicy ones following your preference, accompanied by a gorgeous smile. We recommend to taste fried rice here. There is also a small table where you can sit and eat quietly, although you may have to wait a few minutes for a vacant place.




The stall opens from Monday to Saturday from about 07:00 AM until all the food is sold, normally around 08:30 AM. It is closed on Sundays and holidays. To enjoy the food at its best, it is advisable to arrive early and be among the first customers.



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