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Night Bazaar Ban Koh in Korat


This night bazaar is a kind of small “Saveone Market“. It’s located right behind or beside Dusit Princess Hotel. On Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, it’s normally bigger. But it’s still open every day. It starts around 6pm to end around 10pm. “Baan koh” literally means “village or house” and “Island”, like Koh Samui.


Because it’s close to some of the universities in Nakhon Ratchasima, like Rajabhat or Rajamangala University of Technology, you will find many students selling or looking around. You might find more or less the same stuff as saveone, but much more stands about cheap clothes, shoes, or accessories.


It’s not as big as Saveone but probably bigger than the night bazaar in the middle of Korat.


There some activities for kids, but limited. Many stands are selling food on the 3 special days where the market is bigger and more people visit it. A problem might be for parking a car…

At the end, you might notice a section selling plants and animals. There was even some vegetables in a section, very cheap prices.


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