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NA WANGCHANKASEM NIGHT MARKET – ตลาดหน้าวังจันทรเกษม




Open everyday from 17:00 to 23:00.

This street night market is located in a long square enclosed between U-Thong Rd on one side, facing Chantarakasem Palace and National Museum, and the Pasak river on the other, facing Wat Monthop. It is just about 300 meters away from Hua Ro market.

It is a pleasant setting, especially when the declining sunshine hits Wat Monthop on the other side of the river. There are tables along the riverside where you can sit for a snack or dinner. There is also a small jetty where you can jump on a boat for a river cruise or for crossing over to Wat Monthop.

Stalls start opening around 17:00, with the exception of a covered area on the eastern end, which is open during the day and closes at night. This covered area hosts mainly amulet shops and some food stalls. The rest of the market, however, is working in full swing only from about 18:00.

The market offers mainly food and refreshments on one side, clothing and accessories on the other. The food section includes several stalls marked with the Halal sign in Arabic, meaning that they offer food prepared according to Islamic precepts. This is explained by the fact that a large percentage of the population in that district is Muslim (about 70% as we were told).

Na Wangchankasem is a nice place to relax after a day of touristic labours and pains, but watch out for heavy traffic on U-Thong Rd during opening time.

For other popular markets in the area, see also Chao Phrom and Hua Ro.

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