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This day and night market is located in the very center of town and it never closes.


It is accessible from three sides. The main accesses are on the northern side, along Naresuan Rd, towards the junction with U-Thong Rd, facing Ayothaya Hotel and Amporn department store. This is also the nearest side to the popular farang street or backpackers street (less than 5 minutes walk).




Another common access is on the east, on U-Thong Rd. The third access is from the west, direct from the central bus terminal.



Chao Phrom market is only partially covered. It is an old structure with nothing particularly attractive, similar to any other popular market you find around Thailand. It sells just about everything, from fresh and dried foods (fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, etc.) to clothing to household and cleaning items to electronics to amulets, etc. However, shops do not open and close all at the same time, and it is generally better to go there during the day.




Under the covered side, entering from Naresuan Rd opposite Amporn department store, next to a Buddhist shrine, there are a few simple and economic Thai restaurants, normally open until late. We had Pat Thai in one of those places for only 25 B (photo), and it was excellent.






For other popular markets in the area, see also Hua Ro and Na Wangchankasem.


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