Khon Kaen city, Thailand

The city of Khon Kaen


Khon Kaen is a popular and big city in Isaan, which is in the northeastern part of Thailand. The city is the home of the Northeast’s largest university, which is called the Khon Kaen University. Government is playing a big role in enhancing the economy of the city by promoting export trading into several parts of India and China. The area is popular for manufacturing silk. However, the prevailing politics of the area might act as a spoilsport towards the betterment of the economy. The city also acts the political and commercial center of the Northeastern portion of Thailand. The city also features the consulate offices of Vietnam and Laos where the visa applications are processed. Presently, Khon Kaen city is populated by around 150,000.

Khon Kaen might not be among the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand like the highly commercialized areas of Chiangmai, Phuket and Pattaya, but it definitely has a lot to offer. Based in Isaan, Khon Kaen also boasts excellent traditions, customs and friendly people. Here you can find some exciting attractions such as Khon Kaen National Museum. The museum features sculptures made of bronze from Ban Chiang and several objects that belong to the Dvaravati period. If you want to enjoy some cool picnic pleasures with your friend and family then you can visit the center of the town where you will find the popular Kaen Nakhon Lake. Right on the bank of the lake, you can visit another popular attraction of the area, which is called the Wat That that includes Isan spires.

One of the major attractions of Khon Kaen is the quality of silk that is being produced.Several villages are manufacturing their designs and Khon Kaen is the core of the silk industry in northeastern Thailand. If you visit the area in the month of December, you can witness the popular Silk Fair where the best of materials are sold.


 The province is famous for the unusual animals. The tourists visit two famous villages, which are called turtle and cobra. Residents along with their protégés live in these villages and they organize excellent shows to lure the visitors. You can visit the Phu Wiang National Park where the remains of dinosaur were found and hence the provincial symbol represents the beast. The waterfalls, flora and fauna are immensely attractive in Khon Kaen.

Visiting Khon Kaen is convenient by roadways, railways or airways. If you want to take shorter trips, you can take on buses. Taking up train journey can be exciting sometimes and can be boring as well. There are some amazing views that you can enjoy while taking up train ride, while sometimes the journey can turn out to be monotonous. Visiting Khon Kaen by air is convenient as there are four to five flights scheduled everyday from Bangkok.

Visiting Khon Kaen might not provide you with the conventional attractions of Thailand, but the experience will be definitely unique. The city has its own charm to mesmerize you .

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