Khon Kaen City Pillar Shrine

The Khon Kaen City Pillar Shrine (ศาลเจ้าพ่อเทพารักษ์หลักเมือง) is located in between Pullman’s hotel and Central shopping center. It is actually in front of Sala Suk Chai, in a small park, on Sri Chant Road. In many cities of Thailand, the city pillar represents the center of the city and a religious monument. It is called in Thai “Lak Mueang”.


It is said that “a famous monk (พระราชสารธรรมมุนี(หลวงพ่อกัณหา)) and the former governor of Khon Kaen” placed the pillar, a stone with some inscriptions, from an ancient site in Amphoe Chum Phae there. The ceremony occurred on 20 August 2499. People go there for praying, making merits and worship this sacred monument.

The city pillar in Surin was placed by the king on 20 August 2515. The one in Nakhon Ratchasima is inside a small temple that looks like a Chinese temple. It is exactly in the center of the 4 old gates in Korat. I was once told that in the old times, the city pillar was placed over the body of a young lady who died virgin. (But I can’t verify that information anywhere…)

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