Boozer – Popular Bar in Roi-Et

Front of Boozer.

Early in the evening, the young people in Roi-Et like to go to “Buddy – Pub and Bistro”. It is an outside bar just beside Boozer. Later, around 11pm, Boozer starts to pack up and this is one of the most popular place at the moment with the eternal Rong Beer Pavilion.

Buddy, beside Boozer

While Rong Beer Pavilion has been there for more than 10 years and plays mostly folk song (Caraboaw, Sek Loso, etc.) Boozer will play more popular song or rock, like bodyslam. They will alternate between a DJ and live music.  It is located near Mai Thai hotel and on Google Maps, you will find the location at :  16.068521, 103.650310.

It basically replaces “Ono”, an old bar that I used to be when I lived in Roi-Et around 2004. Ono closed few years later. Boozer is the new place to go in 2015…


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