Mai Thai Hotel | Roiet

Mai Thai Hotel

99 Haisok A. Muang
Tel  043 511038 / 511136 / 512277 / 522776-9

Mai Thai Hotel in Roi-Et

This hotel is famous for it’s nightlife. It has a coffee shop with karaoke on the first floor, a cocktail  parlor massage with girls for FULL massage on the second floor (1000 to 1500 baht) and another karaoke bar (third floor) and some snooker tables. The hotel is a little bit old, but they did renovate some bathrooms. You should pay about 500 baht or less for a room.

There is also a Coyote bar in the basement, very popular and closing at 4am:,2282.msg2282.html#msg2282


And there is also a Karaoke Bar, on third floor, with sometimes ladies available.

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