P You bar Roiet (Roi Et)


P-You bar, Roiet.


This small bar opened at the end of 2009, beginning of 2010. It’s a charming place where you can have some drinks and cocktails and enjoy the young crowd of Roi Et. This place attracts foreigners and Thais, all age, but mostly people around 25-35.



This bar is located in an old wooden house, near the corner of Padungpanict Road and Konpong 10 (often called “Soi Hello” by foreigners in Roiet). There are only few tables but the place gathered a lot of people, often starting at around 7-8pm until midnight.


This is a picture of the bar.


The menu has a butterfly form and is mainly composed of beer, drinks and cocktails. Young Thai girls will like “Lao pan”, a kind of mixture of Ice, Vodka, and syrop that you can have for cheap. Snacks are also available, like French fries.



There is a giant screen on one Wall and the place is nicely decorated.


Toilet paper dispenser in their bathrooms.


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