Baan Ta Wan | Korat restaurant

Baan Ta Wan, Restaurant in Nakhon Ratchasima

Bung Ta Lua
Open from 10 am to 11 pm
Tel: 044-957 111(we will add the location soon. It’s beside Kwan Ruen Resort, in front of Bung Ta Lua, on Rim Bung Road, I think).

Baan Ta Wan (« Ta Wan » means something like the sun, same as in « Ta Wan Deang ». It ‘Baan Ta Wan’ it refers to a place where you can have a nice view of the sun, for example, at sunset because the restaurant is in front of the lake, Bung Ta Lua) is a good Thai restaurant in Korat. They serve all traditional Thai dishes, from Lap (minced meat in a Isaan style salad) to Tom Yam (Spicy Thai soup) or fried dishes, fish, fried rice, etc.

I used to go often there few years ago. The view is exceptional and the food, even after all these years, continue to maintain high standard with quality and taste.


The place has wooden furniture. Baan Tawan is a a two storeys building, near Kwan Ruen Resort. If you go on the street in front of Bung Ta lua, you won’t miss it. There are few new bars in this area, like OZONE, a popular place at the moment.


The view is exceptional, especially on the second floor, with these tables. It used to be one of my favorite spots… and I still go there once in a while.

The restaurant has 2 private rooms. The other one has a Karaoke system.

This is the view from downstairs. Again, pretty nice on the lake.

Lap Phet (Minced duck in a kind of spicy Isaan salad). Only if you like spicy food.

This is just a part of the menu. There is English, but you might not fully understand.

« Keang » is a curry, for example. Yam, is a spicy Thai salad, Kung means shrimp.


This restaurant opens early and closes late. So you can enjoy lunch or dinner, in a beautiful setting.

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