Loy Kratong 2009 in Korat


Two major events were announced in Korat for Loy Kratong this year. There was a big event at Bung Ta Lua and another one at Ya Mo. We visited Bung Ta Lua and despite a lot of wind, the place was very interesting. The main show was fireworks that cost 3,000,000 baht and was synchronized to the music. Some rock and tradition music was played before and after.

Because of the wind, some LOY KHOM (lanterns) had problems to fly. Nine giants Kratongs were on the artificial lake and there was an exhibition of Kratongs too. This year, the government put some advertising about Kratongs, trying to promote some Kratongs made of natural material that fish can eat. So, there was many Kratongs made in bread or other unusual material. And 200 ladies in traditional costume, called Nang Nopamak, were also there for the show.

You can see some pictures here taken at Bung Ta Lua.


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