Happy man restaurant

(This place seems to be closed)

Happy Man restaurant, Roiet.



This restaurant just opened at the beginning of 2010. It’s runned by Mike (American) and his wife. And Mike really seems to be a happy man!


The restaurant is located near Bung Phalang Chai. If you past Pizza One-Oh-One, turn left at the first street and it should be the third building on the right.

This place is not big but has everything to make you feel nice. Nice foreign and Thai food, wine and cheese, reasonable prices and good taste!  If you are lucky, you might try the cream cheese of Mike.

Mike is the only person I know in Thailand making his own cheese. He seems to specialize in blue cheese. Ask him more details… We had excellent carbonara pasta there. Served brown rice, which is different.

The following picture is an example of Blue cheese that he makes.

And the next one is cream cheese, that was available for onlyt 40 baht, 160 grams. That is a bargain!

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