Wat Prang Torng – Thailand – Korat – Nakhon Ratchasima Khmer temple

Wat Prang Torng is an old Khmer prang (tower) located about 10 kilometers north of the city of Korat (Less than a kilometer east of Ban Putsa on Highway 2198). Sadly, it’s not in very good shape and is in danger of collapsing. We’re not able to find evidence that any archaeology has been done on this old monument. It supposedly dates from about the 13th century.

Wat Prang Torng - Korat

Ancient Khmer Prang at Wat Prang Torng

Lintel - Wat Prang Torng

Lintel above door at Wat Prang Torng

Interior - Wat Prang Torng

Interior of Prang

More Photos of Wat Prang Torng

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