Wang Nenn in Sikhiu – Beside the river

Wang Nenn in Sung Noen – Beside the river


Wang Nenn is a kind of resort, or restaurant beside the river near Sikhiu, but actually in Sung Noen district. It is really nice. I was told by friends of friends because if you don’t know where you are going, you might never find that place that is not advertised. Not sure exactly how I got the info. I was later told (today) that it was nicer before and famous because a dog used to clean the river by itself…I can’t verify that story!

You must go until you see the famous temple in Sikhiu, in direction of Bangkok. The temple is often called “Wat Sorrapong” by Thais because Sorrapong is the name of the actor that collected money to build it.

Before you arrive at the temple, you make a U-Turn going back to Korat.
You will take this road below:

The intersection of Mittrapab

Then you follow the signs, or ask people. You will cross a small village but from Mittrapab, it is not far. Maybe 2 or 3 Km.

The place is beside this:

Wang means “palace or castle” and “Nenn” is a young monk.

There is a parking (free), also for motorcycles (10 baht?).  The place is basically a river, with tables to eat and drink and people tubing in the river.

The exact Google Map location is here.


You can rent a “tube” to go on the river. It cost 20 baht (sometimes, 20 baht deposit) and you can use it as much as you want.


The river is not the cleanest I have seen, but it is fine. A lot of people do swim, enjoy playing in it.

The food was pretty good. Large Singha was 70 baht.

We stayed until quite late and were almost alone around 6pm.

They have some Karaoke and music playing.

This will give you an idea:

I also made a pretty good 360 picture of the place:

Wang Nenn in Sikhiu

As you can see, I was in the river when I made that picture!

if you want a cheap, different place, not far from Korat to enjoy an afternoon, highly recommended. I almost didn’t want to post it because you want to keep this place like this, and you don’t want this place to be crowded. But it is because we share information that this website or others are valuable tools. It gives us more options…

More pictures on Flickr:


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