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90/62-63 Anuwat Rd, Nai Mueang ; Tel 085 2278423




Open everyday from 10:00 to 23:00. Happy hour (special discounts) everyday from 17:00 to 19:00.




European and Thai food. Breakfasts, coffee, fresh bread and cakes, pizzas, steaks, salads, etc, all at reasonble prices. A big breakfast comes for only 120 B. Every Sunday daily dish of genuine French cuisine for 150 B or 200 B including glass of wine. Parties are organised and hosted on request.

This spot is run by two friendly Frenchmen, Olivier and his dad, both professional cooks. Olivier, who is also a former DJ, had the idea of decorating the place with some of his old vinyl records. Records are displayed everywhere, on the tables and on the walls. There are also framed disk sleeves and music-related posters, plus a complete professional DJ station.

The result is astonishing and gives a highly peculiar touch to the place. Moreover, there is a pleasant view on the lake just outside, facing Wat Isaan. Coffee tables are on the sidewalk, in case you want to relax in cool weather and enjoy the view at dusk or at night.

As a professional “chef de cuisine”, Olivier knows how to deal not only with the substance but also with the appearance of his servings. Thus you will find here also that peculiar artistic touch that makes French cuisine so well known and unique in the world.

We ordered the big breakfast and got a generous American-Continental combination, tasty and satisfying (see photo). We do not know other places in town offering such a complete breakfast for that price. Another day we had dinner with a tasty French-style salmon steak and we spent 300 B including drink and tip (see photo).



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