Bamboo bar and restaurant Buriram | Thailand | Buri Ram | Farang food



14/13 Romburi Rd, Nai Mueang, Buriram ; Tel 044 625577 ; Fax 044 625577




Open everyday from 08:00 to 24:00.




Western and Thai food at reasonablee prices, ranging from about 100 to about 200 B a dish.



This is perhaps the most well-known of all Thai-Farang restaurants in town and it represents a popular meeting point for Buriram’s insiders and outsiders. This popularity is due also to the fact that the restaurant is strategically located in the very heart of town, 100 meters away from the central nightlife area. It seems that the place used to be managed by foreigners, at least partially, but that it is now under exclusive Thai manag



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