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Tokyo Mansion

329-333 Suranaree Rd, Nai Mueang, Korat ; Tel 044 242873, 257179 ; Fax 044 274963

Centrally located, adjacent to San Sabai House, near George and Dragon bar and near the old bus station (bus station no. 1), this hotel offers good value for money and is an excellent option for backpackers looking to spend only a few days in town. It is a bit of an older hotel, furniture may be warn-out a little and the bathrooms are small, but for a short and inexpensive stay there is everything you’ll need.

Current prices (July 2009) are as follows: single room with fan starting from 204 Baht per night, with A/C, starting from 312; double with fan from 366, with A/C from 420. All rooms have cable TV. If you are able to get one of the larger rooms on the third floor, you might want to stay longer and take advantage of their generous  price reduction for long-term stays: 1 month for the price of 10 days, plus small fees for water, electricity and cable TV.

The hotel is associated with a small vanity surgery clinic, located at the same premises on the ground floor, but with an independent entrance on the street. The head surgeon is also the hotel’s owner. The young women working in the clinic are often found working shifts at the hotel reception desk as well, and they are particularly friendly and helpful.

The only real problem with this hotel is noise: external noise from the street, especially if your room is located directly on Suranaree Rd, and internal noise from other guests (loud TVs from other rooms, echoes form people coming and going in corridors and stairs). If peace and quiet are your most important qualities in finding accommodation, either avoid this place, or make sure you get a room as far from the road as possible, and  perhaps a little do-it-yourself soundproofing just in case.

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