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KS Pavilion

245 Mitthapap Rd Trok Saothong ; Tel 044 263039-41 ; Fax 044 263043

This hotel is located near The Mall, although not as near as the City Park. Exiting The Mall, cross Mitthapap road and turn left to face East. Walk down that direction for about 400 meters until you reach the traffic lights on the corner with Trok Saothong: KS Pavilion is there, unmistakable is it’s light green color, with a wide parking lot compound including other facilities.

They have rooms in two price ranges: standard for 700, deluxe for 1,500 Baht a night (July 2009).

They have also a small fitness club, called KS Fitness, located in a side-building connected to the main one by a mini flyover, with a swimming pool on the roof. Prices to the fitness club are as follows: 1 day, 50 Baht; 1 month, 500 Baht; 1 year, 2,000 Baht per person (July 2009).

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