The Rock | Ubon Ratchathani | Disco and nightclub | Girls

The Rock, Ubon Ratchatani.



This bar is located in the Nevade complex, under the Ubon International hotel. It closes at 2am every night.


There is a large parking and The Rock has shows and events monthly. A normal night might include some coyote girls dancing on the stage, a band playing rock/popular songs and a DJ in between the shows.

Coyote girls at The Rock, in Ubon Ratchatani.

A beer Singha, small bottle, is about 85 baht. There is no admission fee except in case of special concerts.

This was a special show on 28 Dec 2009.

This guy used to be a famous Rock artist in Thailand. He was playing on 28 Dec 2009.

The place is large and dark. If you don’t like people giving massage in the toilet, just tell them because they will do it! The rock is the kind of place, with Da Wan Deang, where you can easily meet people…





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