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748/5, Pho Klang Rd, Korat ; Tel 044-205052




Vietnamese dishes starting from 35 Baht per serving in this small restaurant located in a narrow lane connecting Pho Klang Rd with Saranaree Rd, between the five-roads intersaction and Siri hotel. It’s located exactly in the small soi beside Osake massage parlor, or in front of Barista.






We tasted Kanom Bueangyuan and Miang Sot. They were very good.



Kanom Bueangyuan (35 Baht)


Miang Sot (35 Baht)



The “menu” on the wall



Open everyday from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm. There is another Vietnamese restaurant near Tony’s restaurant and bar (see Laros 1).



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