Bibi Restaurant Korat


Bibi Restaurant in Korat

495 Pho Klang
Amphur Muang, Nakhon Ratchasima

The owner of Bibi restaurant is a native Pakistani and his Thai wife. It has nothing fancy, but can make good Thai meals for low prices. This restaurant is located near “Tak Ha” or “Ya Tek Ha” intersection. All people of Korat will know where is this intersection. Tek Ha is an old restaurant in Korat located on the corner of that intersection.


Few tables only inside the restaurant. You won’t see much foreigners here!

Their menu has English and you can also see some of the dishes in front. The Pakistani owner doesn’t speak English. And his Thai is not perfect! But it’s funny, we can still communicate with him and he will be happy to serve new customers.


I didn’t remember the name in Thai of this rice, but if you meet the owner, you just ask “biryani rice”. It was something like “Khao Mok Gai”. I had it today and seriously, it’s one of the BEST rice I had. And I normally don’t like rice… Chicken was fine, roasted chicken. “Khao Mok Gai” is muslim food according to Thais…


This is a picture of the front of the restaurant. It’s not a very good picture… but this place serves honest food with honest price. If you want some special Indian Curry, Dal, Pakistani food, he can make it but you must tell him IN ADVANCE.


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