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Mai Thai Karaoke, Roi Et.


This place is located on the third floor of Mai Thai Hotel. It’s a « secret place » open very late (easily 4 or 5 am) where people like to sing song, have few drinks and eat snacks. People going out in bars in Roiet often finish a night at this place when all the other bars are closed.


The place is not easy to find. You must enter Mai Thai Hotel, take the stairs or escalator until third floor and you will see the door above. That’s the place!



This place have a large « catalog » of songs, with only few ones in English.


It’s quite difficult to take nice pictures when you are drunk at 5am in a dark lost place of Roi Et. So, that’s the best we did! This picture shows a screen where the songs are played. What is nice is you can follow reading in Thai or English the lyrics for most of the songs. A great way to learn Thai if you are more sober than we were!

There are also some ladies available that you can take to the rooms just beside.



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