Nakhon Pathom Pochana Moo Deang | Ubon Ratchatani


Nakhon Pathom Pochana Moo Deang


Logo of that restaurant.


This restaurant of Ubon is located on the corner of Upparat road and Phaloransit road, or just beside Wat Suthasanaram. Or at one of the corner of Lak Muang Shrine or the main park in the city. You will find it under placemark ‘B’ on our google map of Thai restaurants in Ubon Ratchatani.


This is a very popular restaurant in Ubon Ratchatani among Thai people. It opens at 6am and closes at 2pm. Open 7 days a week, except for new year, Chinese new year and songkran.

The menu is quite simple: Khao moo deang (Rice with red pork and sauce on it), Khao moo krub (rice with crispy pork on top), Ba mi (some kind of noodles), Khiow (Some kind of boiled ‘gyoza’ yellow, with pork inside), Yen ta fo (a kind of soup, red colored).

It has been opened since 2522 (1979) and it’s owned by a brother and a sister. On top, it’s the noodle stand.

That’s one of the happy owners! Can you recognize him on the logo? (first picture)

Excellent “Moo deang”, 30 baht. Free cold tea.

My Thai wife introduce me to that place. She used to work in Ubon Ratchatani and was eating that dish almost every morning.


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