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Raan Santi Pochana


Open everyday but closed on the 28th days of each month.


Raan Santi pochana is a popular restaurant in Ubon, especially for those who like to eat after going out. They open at 4 pm and close around 1am. It’s famous for it’s Khao Tom (Rice soup). That restaurant is an institution in Ubon Ratchatani and opened on 19 September 2524 (1981).

This restaurant is huge and it’s not ONE restaurant, but actually 2 restaurants in Ubon, side by side, separated by a small soi. Parking is available behind one of them. The picture above is on the other side. It was closing when we were there, at about 11pm.



Large tables in stainless stell and neon lights make this restaurant easy to find. Their menu includes the traditional Thai food, like Yam, friend rice, tom yam and prices are not expensive.

Some of the dishes of Raan Santi Pochana.


This is half of their menu. Prices range from 30 baht to 150 baht.

The upper dish is fried salty fish (Ka Na Pla Kem). The one on the left a spicy Thai salad (Yam Pla Salit – 70 baht) and the one of the left is spicy fried mussels (Hoi Lai pad nam prik pow). The mussels didn’t have shells and very tasty. The fish was excellent. One of these dish wasn’t on their menu.

We also had a small Singha beer (45 baht) some ice and water. All included, drinks + these dishes was 260 baht.

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