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Loong Pan Pla Pow

This Isaan Restaurant was recommended to me by a friend and I wasn’t deceived. If you don’t like Isaan food or spicy food, it might not be for you. It’s located on the street behind Dusit Princess (Now called Imperial Hotel, near Ban Koh).

You will see this board on that road:

That place has nothing fancy. No air conditioning, cheap tables, but you will always see clients there, whenever you go, afternoon, evening. It seems they are in business for many years and it’s a well-known Isaan restaurant in Korat.

The menu is not in English. Only Thai. Prices are low.

On the left, Yam Pla Dook Foo. That is not isaan but Thai. Very good.

On top, a Nam Tok dish.

And on the right, “Geng hom Pla”. That last one wasn’t my favorite

That was my favorite “Lap Pla Dook”. Very tasty

We had these 4 dishes + big bottle of Coca-Cola + Sticky rice for two, for around 300 baht. And we were both VERY full, and there was still food on the table.

I used to live in Roiet and like Isaan food. Papaya salad with roasted chicken is always nice. That place serves real authentic isaan food, and it’s not expensive. Give it a try…

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