Bua Pan Restaurant in Korat – Isaan Food

I love Isaan food! Gai Yang, with Som Tam, Khao Niow, etc. And when I was asked if I wanted to eat Isaan food today, I couldn’t resist! Even if it was for take out, I wanted to see the restaurant and I took these pictures while waiting for the food, in only 5 minutes.

This restaurant reminds me Loong Pan Pla Pow (near Dusit Princess) but I think they also have a branch near Mix hotel (behind hermitage in Hua Thale) and another one near the 304 road.

Below, on the left is pork. On the right, in foil paper, some fish is cooking.

It is located EXACTLY behind the Tessaban in Korat. The tessaban is a government office. It’s also where you pay the water bills in Korat. It’s almost in front of Siri Hotel, on Pho Klang road. This restaurant, Bua Pan, is just on the small soi beside.


It might not look like on the pictures, but there are many tables inside. It’s a little like Deeden (another restaurant that moved many times in last years but quite famous in Korat, near the amphur).  Prices are cheap and food is good.


Menu is only in Thai, including real Isaan specialities, like Pork Tongue BBQ!


There is an old juke box at the end, playing CDs… It was odd in a place like this!

This was our lunch: Gai Kio Keng (Chicken in Green curry), Gai Tod (fried chicken), Moo Tod (fried pork), Som Tam (papaya salad), Lap Moo (minced pork with herbs), Khao Niow (Sticky rice) and others. All for 205 baht, 4 people, and we were full!

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