Kuay Tiow Reua Pa Prathip

Just say it: You sometimes loves a simple noodle soup!

In Thailand, the “Chinese style noodle soup” is called “Kuay tiow”. And there is a new place in town that makes them pretty good: It is called “Kuay Tiow Reua Pa Prathip”.

“Reua” means boat. “Pa Prathip” is probably a name”. In that place, there are different kinds of noodles you can choose (like most of these places). “Sen Mi” are the smallest one, that you might call “vermicelli” in English.

The location of the place on Apple or Google maps, it is located at : 14.947546,102.052261. It is just beside “Oshie Shop” that sells antiques and other retro-classic stuff.

This is “Sen mi” with pork (moo) and spicy broth (pet)
but not processed “meat balls” (mai ao look chin)

“Sen Lek” is bigger. They use it in “Pad mi” for example.

And you can order “Ba Mi” which is kind of “yellow noodles”. That place will ask you if you want normal, spicy or very spicy. You can also ask “nam tok” which means they put “blood” into it. That is very common in Thailand.

This is “Ba mi” with “Nam Tok”.

I personally do not like the kind of “meatballs” or “processed meat that looks like a ball” called in Thai “Look Chin”. So you can ask “Mai Ao Look Chin”. (I don’t want processed meatballs.). And in your soup, you can ask pork or beef with the broth. Price is about 30 baht for a soup and that place is really good.

If you are looking for a cheap and quick meal in Korat, they are opened from 6am to 11pm.

You can see our pictures here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/50651722@N03/sets/72157650802059382/

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