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Boat trip in Korat



Warning: (Original pictures were lost. We added others of the same trip. Maybe the text doesn’t go very well with pictures anymore).


If you want to spend a nice afternoon, doing something else with friends, think about renting a boat on the Mae Nam Moon (Moon river). It’s only about 30 Km from Korat, on the road 226 going to Buriram. There are several sizes of boat available, from a small one at 700 baht, to the largest one for 25-30 people. That’s the one we took! Price was 2,500 baht for 4 hours. They gave us 2 hours free.



We went there in a bus that we rented for 1,000 baht. We were about 25 people. Calculate, it’s 50 baht each for the bus (roundtrip) and 100 baht each for the boat. That’s pretty cheap…


Everybody brought their own drinks and we also brought some of our food. Earlier, we asked the place to prepare some fried rice, moo dead deeo, pad thai and chicken cashew. All dishes very ready at our arrival.  There was also a karaoke system on the boat.



The food was good and after maybe 30 minutes, a small boat started to pull us into the river. Our boat is tied to him with a rope.


Swimming is a must if you decide to do this trip! We were able to swim on the way, following the boat. But it’s not easy even if the boat doesn’t go fast and the river is quite calm. After something like an hour trip, the boat stopped. We had another hour to swim around without having to catch the boat!


Some people used the Karaoke system while others were in the water. Bring your own music could be a good idea, along with swimming gears (like glasses or a mask, towels, maybe a ball).



After the break, the boat turned around and we went back to our starting point.  We had a guitar, nice weather, plenty of food and lots of drinks. G-R-E-A-T!



Some were singing. Some were jumping from the roof. Some weren’t drinking alcohol. Some were swimming. Some were eating. Everyone will enjoy.


We didn’t bring fishing equipment but could have.  We spent a very good afternoon on the river, for about 200 baht each + our drinks. The phone number is 081-0755-560.



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