Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: A place you shouldn’t miss

If you are up to a place that will make you stunning, Malaysia can be an option. There are attractions that you can choose from and you can also choose the activity that you want first when you reach the place. Kuala Lumpur is one of the biggest cities in the country population wise. It is also one of the quickest rising regions in this country not just population wise but also in economics. The king of Malaysia is officially residing in Kuala Lumpur and the Instana Negara can also be found there. Visiting Kuala Lumpur which is the capital of the country will be worthwhile because of places that you can find here.

Do you know that Kuala Lumpur was tagged to be alpha city world and this is also where you can find the cultural, economic, and financial centres of Malaysia since it is also a prime town? It is also distinct and it is among the 3 defined federal territories. People living in Malaysia are called Klites. Malaysia has been hosting international sports, cultural events, and political affairs since 1990s that includes the world championship of the formula 1. Kuala Lumpur or KL is also known for being one of the highest buildings with a twin which is known as Petronas Twin Towers. It has been the icon of Malaysia and the future of the development.

Regardless if you are on a budgeted trip or not, Malaysia will surely satisfy your needs because of eye watering spicy street foods and friendly people that will surely welcome you when you get there. There are lots of festivals in Malaysia and making a thorough research about those will make you decide as to when you will be visiting the place. Over the last decades, Kuala lumpur has truly transformed into a new and prosperous metropolis with lots of amazing architectures that includes the Menara to the Petronas Twin Towers.

There are also shopping centres there and street markets that will surely make retailers come back over and over again. You will find lots of goodies there which will encourage you to come back again to shop for more.

Kuala Lumpur is different from other major Asian cities because they have managed to preserve their historical buildings and sites even if they have developed some places. They still preserve some greens in the city that includes the Tasik Ttiwangsa. The landscape of KL has been a perfect blend of traditional and modern charm and what makes it distinct is that there are pre-war shop houses along the side of the sky-scraping buildings. Tourism played a vital role in the development of Malaysia and in the improvement of their economic status. The presence of hotel chains, shopping malls, and eating places made the country particularly Kuala Lumpur a prime destination spots in Asia. A Malaysian visit won’t be complete without visiting Merdeka Square, Petaling Street, and house of the parliament, central market, Batu Caves, and others.

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