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Discover the Fragrant Harbour of Hong Kong

Since the introduction of the Individual Visit Scheme in 2003, tourism to the Fragrant Harbour – Hong Kong has increased tremendously. The influx of Cantonese Chinese and British colonization has given a unique aura and charm to the Island. Today, it is a chief tourist destination for the affluent Chinese population and travellers from around the globe.

With global relations to several cities of the world, Hong King is an influential hub in East Asia. This unique destination has easily sponged the varied cultures and ethnicities from as far and as diverse as Vancouver and Vietnam.

With prominent destinations like The Victoria Peak, Victoria Harbour and the Giant Buddha, the Fragrant Harbour offers travellers a bevy of brilliant tourist attractions in its compact size. To add to the charm of the Harbour City the diverse and stunning cityscapes are in perfect contrast to the towering lush-green mountains, panoramic countryside and magnificent heritage sites.



The archaeological discovery records the foremost human settlement to30, 000 years ago. It was incorporated into China for the very first time during the reign of Qin Dynasty and remained under the Chinese control until 1841. The defeat of the Chinese Empire at the hands of British East Indian Company during the First Opium War in January 1841 turned the Fragrant Harbour into a British colony settlement.

In 1949 the communists took control of mainland China, and subsequently several affluent Chinese businessmen fled to Hong Kong to avoid being persecuted by the new government. In 1984, the Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong was mutually signed by the British and Chinese governments to return the Fragrant Harbour to China.

Since 1st July 1997, Hong Kong has become a special administrative region of the Peoples Republic of China. The Island remains a capitalist economy with fewer restrictions as compared to mainland China.



Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate with four distinct seasons. The summer is hot and humid with temperatures soaring up to 33°C. Winters are cold yet pleasant with average temperature dropping down to 10°C.
When to Travel?

The best period to visit the Island is during the spring months of March-May, when the flora and faun are in full bloom and the average temperature hovers around 25°C. Then again, the autumn season stretching from September-December is equally brilliant.
Hong Kong maintains a separate and independent immigration policy from that of the mainland China. Hence, you would require a visa on arrival in Hong Kong, and not beforehand.


Tourist Highlights:


Victoria Peak is a wok-shaped Peak Tower build during the British rule. Post the downfall of the British colony, it hosted the most elite neighbourhood of richest residents, and where local Chinese citizens were not permitted to reside until after the World War II. Today, you can watch the dazzling views of the Island from this lofty peak. The Peak Tower doubles as a shopping mall with museums, shops and fine dining options.  
Victoria Harbour buzzes with activity round the clock, throughout the year. To experience the exuberant energy, hop onto a Star Ferry ride, take a harbour cruise or enjoy the traditional Chinese boat. In order to enjoy the spectacular views of the harbour and catch the bravura A Symphony of Lights program you must either travel up the peak or visit the Avenue of Stars.

A Symphony of Lights showcases a brilliant multimedia performance of over40 Hong Kong’s stunning skyscrapers.

Giant Buddha Statue popularly referred as Tian Tan Buddha Statue, is a marvellous bronze sculpture of Lord Buddha. It measures34 meters high, and weighs 250 tonnes. This prominent statue of Buddha that attracts over 100,000 visitors annually is situated in the Po Lin Monastery, Lantau.




Hong Kong is loaded with themed museums that reflect the history of the Island. The Hong Kong Museum of History in Kowloon is undoubtedly the most unique museum of this harbour city. Other interesting museums to visit include Dialogue in the Dark, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Science Museum and Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre.




Amongst the most hip destinations to spend quality time with your family or spouse when visiting the Island. In addition to fun filled day, you can enjoy the sparkling fireworks lightning up the night sky at 9:00 PM.


Shopping at Stanley Market:


Stanley Market is a shopper’s paradise. It is a perfect shopping arena for every shopper who has mastered the art of haggling. You can purchase souvenirs in the form of electronics, furniture, garments or jewellery. You name it and you have it right on your palms.

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