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Klang Plaza


116/1-3, Adsdang Rd ; Tel 044 242599, 244771






Klang Plaza is Korat’s first large department store. It opened in 1957. Despite the opening of Klang Plaza 2 in 1991, it is still well patronized, as it offers, among other things, the only large supermarket located in the old city area. Yet, it is only a couple of blocks away from the main square, Ya Mo monument and Klang Plaza 2 – therefore representing a valid alternative to the latter, in case you cannot find the exact colour or size you need.

Klang Plaza is oddly structured. The upper levels are not placed on top of each other in a common linear way, but resemble like a series of mezzanine floors facing each other. There is no stair-well. The last level is dedicated to IT, games, children’s fun and special promotions. A smaller special promotion area is found on the ground floor, next to the escalator. There is a small food court in the basement.

Open everyday from 10:00 to 21:00. Closed on some official holidays.



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