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IT Plaza ( ไอที พลาซ่า )


324, Mitthapap Rd ; Tel 044 269717-20 ; Fax 269716



After The Mall and Klang Plaza 2, the third most popular meeting point in Korat is probably IT Plaza. It is a large department store specialized in electronics, as the name suggests, but offering also other goods and including promotion areas with a rotation of different products (garments, accessories, books, stationary, etc.). It is sometimes referred to as IT City, although IT City is in fact one of the many shops inside.




It is centrally located at the northern edge of the city’s main square, at the traffic light junction between Mitthapap, Ratchadamoen and Bprabpaa Rd: one of the busiest spots in town in terms of traffic. It is easily recognizable, not only by the yellow front with red logo, but also by the characteristic flyover connecting it to the other side of the road, surmounted with a template imitation of the old city gate and decorated on both sides with a Thao Suranaree medallion.



Main entrance to first floor



IT Plaza has 4 levels. The first floor (ground floor) is occupied especially by mobile phone shops. Here are also the promotion areas, a shop of shoes and other leather goods, some permanent book stalls, and Amorn Electronic, an interesting store specialized in electric and electronic spare parts and accessories. Amorn ( อมร ) deserves a visit if you are there: inside you will find also special offers of unexpected products such as biscuits and snacks.



Mobile phone shopes on first floor



Promotion area on first floor


The second and third floors are for computers and all of their different accessories. Repair shops and second-hand computers are available, too. The biggest shop is IT City, on the third floor. IT City is so well advertised inside and outside the building that often people identify and confuse it with IT Plaza.



Computer shops on second floor



IT City shop on third floor



On the second floor there is a secondary entrance connecting directly to the above-mentioned flyover. There is also a fourth floor, currently closed.


The basement, connecting with the parking lot, has a food corner, Internet and games shops, some hairdresser shops, and a big repair workshop belonging to Amorn Electronic. It is normally a quiet area offering the ideal atmosphere for a break in your IT shopping.



Mobile phone techincian on first floor



IT Plaza is open everyday from 10:00 to 20:30. Amorn Electronic opens only from 10:00 to 19:00.



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