How does it work to get a visa for Laos?

How does it work to get a visa for Laos?

Important things you should know when visiting Laos

If you would like to go and unleash Laos it is vital for you to know that there are countries that mandate travellers to get visa before they will be allowed to travel. It is also important for countries nearby Laos such as Korean, Japan, Russia, and members of the ASEANs such as Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Singapore doesn’t need to accomplish a visa when entering the premises of Laos. On the other hand, other nations need to accomplish a visa that is issued by the Lao Embassy before they will be allowed to come and visit Laos. It is also important for travellers to know that visa is also needed whenever you will cross the boarders or when you enter the premises at the airport.

The fee for the visa depends on your nationality and the processing time also differs. There are also travel agencies that can help you with your visa and travel needs but of course you have to pay extra money for their effort. If you are visiting an unfamiliar country require you to learn more about the rules of entering and exiting the place for both non US citizens and US. Because the Asia pacific is filled with lots of great and relaxing views, lots of tourists are encouraged to visit different countries there that include Laos. Through the years, it has become a prime tourist destination. If you are planning to go to Laos and visit some great places there, you should know how to deal with practical issues that include getting a visa.

First thing that you need to do is to visit the embassy of Laos in your country to get a visa.Usually, tourist visas are valid for 1 month from the date of issue. It usually cost around 20-42 US dollars for westerners. The visa service upon arrival is also available if you will enter Laos through overland crossing at the Vientiane or through Luang Prabang. A third bridge between Laos and Thailand was recently opened in late 2011. You have to make sure that you have allotted money for it and passport size photo too since it is also needed. Having anti-malaria vaccine is also a must before you enter the country of Laos, although, it is still up to you if you will acquire it or not, it is still best to have it than be sorry later on. Malaria is more important in Laos than Thailand, especially if you travel in the country side or remote borders.Check the CDC and WHO sites for more info.

If you will be traveling by group, it is best to acquire a package tour so that you will have a tour guide to help you roam around the place. You need to have a planned itinerary while you are there because even if you have road maps you may still not enjoy your stay because you may be lost along the way. It will be best to plan your trip ahead of time so you will have more time to make a research and learn more about the culture and the requirement of Laos government when it comes to entering and exiting in their country.

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