Savannakhet – Laos

Savannakhet: Outside the tourist areas.


If you would like to visit Laos, Savannakhet can be an option. It is a province in Laos that where in its name literally means the city of paradise which is its original name as well. Savannakhet can be found just on the southern part of Laos and it is within the border of Khammouan on the northern side and Salavan on the south. Savannakhet is the biggest province in Laos and along with Vientiane it constitutes main urban areas. It is also the 2nd city after Vientiane and it plays a vital role because of the post in between Vietnam and Thailand. Tourists who will be visiting Savannakhet have options to visit here. Some of the places that you can visit in Savannakhet are:

1. Savannakhet Wats

This place offer sprinkling wats to travellers who would like to see the place. the wats are just scattered across the town and even if there are no other famous things that may capture the hearts of the people travellers still able to enjoy their stay here because of the nice and great tasting breakfast while watching Liverpool game. You can also come to see the Wat chaiyaphum which is nearby the Khamthabouli road. There are nice and exciting icons to see there while you are checking out some sticky rice for breakfast as well.

2. The dinosaur museum

You can also come to visit the dinosaur museum where you can see fossils of dinosaurs that lived about million years ago. This place is often neglected and unvisited by tourists because they find it boring since the writings and explanations about the fossils and bones that were displayed in this place are all written in Lao and French there is a curator that would be glad to explain to you what the writings are all about in English. There are also maps where the bones were found and where they dig all of them.

3. Protected areas and national park

If you would like to see the beauty of nature in Savannakhet, you should come to the protected areas and national park. There are 3 protected areas here which are also known as the national biodiversity conservation areas. You need to sign up for the tour and you can start by showing up at the tourism room just south of the main square. They are open there from 8am and 4pm every day. The trick here is that you need to belong in a bigger group to get cheaper deal. The smaller your group is the higher the price of the tour that you have to pay. You need to sign 2 days ahead of time so you will be able to know earlier about the cost of the tour. The trip will start at the salt mine and you will also visit the Nong Lom Lake and the trip will end at the Pha Ing Stupa.

Savannhakhet doesn’t have the charm of Luang Prabang, or the scenery of Vang Vieng. But if you want to travel outside tourist areas of Laos, or need to get a visa for Thailand at the Thai consulate of this city, you might like Savannhakhet and its authenticity.