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Equesstrianism Club ( ชมรมขี่ม้า ), Suranaree Army Camp, Eighth Battalion ( ม. พัน. 8 ) ; Tel 044 255530-9, 087 1161003


This Club is located inside Suranaree Army Camp on the grounds reserved to the Eighth Battalion, on which it depends. When entering the camp you reach almost at once a big bifurcation where you must keep left. At the next crossing, take left and keep going till the end of the way, when you will see a show jumping course on your left-hand side. In front of it is the Eighth Battalion main building. Turn right on a narrow road just before that building. You’ll find the Club on your left-hand side, at the end of the road. It’s a long building with stables inside.











We were told that anybody is admitted for classes everyday in two sessions: early morning and late afternoon. We were given a basic price of 200 Baht per class per person, but there are discounts on long periods. Kids are admitted only if they have already reached a certain height.




Soi Naronggnansuraa and Bung Ta Lua neighborhood


To comfort children who are still too short for admission in the Equestrianism Club, you can take them horsewatching also in another place, without exiting town. In the Bung Ta Lua neighborhood there are several horse stables due to vicinity of Korat’s Turf Club. In this neighborhood, just around the corner from the city centre, horses take a daily stroll on the street every day at around 07:00 and after 17:00, accompanied by their jockeys. You will meet lots of them especially on Soi Naronggnansuraa ( หน้าโรงงานสุราฯ ), the lane connecting Bua Rong Rd to Naronggnansuraa Rd, where these photos were taken.






If you are lucky you can see horses being washed and curried outside the stables; and you can ask permission to enter the stables with excellent chances of being welcomed. Perhaps your kids will get a chance to ride a horse for a minute, too!



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