Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam

Enjoy visiting Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam


Ho Chi Minh City, earlier called as Saigon is the home to around 6 million people. The Tan Son Nhat Airport of the city lies somewhere around 7 kilometers North West of this city centre and serves as the most famous point in Vietnam for the international tourists.

The city is highly popular among foreign tourists and so is a must visit when you plan a trip to Vietnam. To visit some popular tourist destinations, you will require at least two days. Some of the Ho Chi Minh City sights that are a must visit include the Reunification Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Museum of Ho Chi Minh City, Hotel de Ville, Jade Emperor Pagoda and the War Remnants Museum. In case you have some adventurous side in you, you can even visit Cholon in which you can see a number of street markets and busy pagodas.

The Ho Chi Mingh City is all bustling with ancient pagodas, cafes, chic restaurants, bars, hotels, skyscrapers and markets. The former French colony now suffers from traffic jams as there are over 3 million motorbikes. But when you are in the city, you will enjoy each bit of it.

The History Museum is a must visit place in Ho Chi Minh City that was even known as the Museum of Vietnamese History and which features the collections from when this region was first settled somewhere around 300,000 years ago. Constructed in the year 1929, this museum is situated in the Botanical Gardens and Zoo. You can surely not miss the amazing Buddha statue with 1000 arms and 1000 eyes at this museum.

Most of the sights are just within walking distance however if you wish to use the transportation, you can opt for taking taxis as they are cheap and metered. You can even take cycles that can help you to experience easy travel in crazy traffic of the city.

When you visit Ho Chi Ming City, your tour is incomplete without visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels. These tunnels were used in the 1960s by Viet Cong army in order to control the region in the fight to get independence. In the Cu Chi district, there were over 250km tunnels and the people lived in these tunnels for a long time. But now, some of these tunnels have been resized and made a bit bigger to allow the Western tourists to crawl through them easily and do not feel claustrophobic.

You can even visit the Ben Thanh Market and shop for almost anything and everything. From the freshly ground coffee to amazing foods and watches, the Ben Thanh has everything you want. Bargaining is surely a must if you wish to buy affordable items.

On a day tour, you can get out of the city and move towards the bustle of Mekong, which is one of the most crucial waterways of Asia. At this place, you can get all the Apocalypse Now as you get rowed down the small tributaries. Most hotels and travel agencies offer variations in this Mekong tour.

More so, the Reunification Palace is another popular place to visit in the Ho Chi Minh City that is untouched since the year 1975. You can explore the chambers, decorations, halls and basement with the network of rooms and tunnels in this palace.

In all, the Ho Chi Minh City is a simple to navigate one with a plenty of tourist attractions and places to visit. Street names are marked very clearly and run generally in the grid like manner. taxis, cyclos, motorbikes are available in the city. So just make a plan in advance and enjoy visiting the Ho Chi Minh City.